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Queen Suga Body Scrub
Soft, Smooth, & Clear Skin Every Queen needs to exfoliate her skin, but this scrub does more! It is formulated with Turmeric and Pumpkin Seed Oil to gradually fade dark spots, slough away dead skin, and eliminate ingrown hairs. Rejuvenate...
Show Stopper Shower Gel
Clean, Clear, & Glowing Skin! Say goodbye to blemishes, skin discoloration, and hyperpigmentation with our natural body wash. Our signature formula is infused with Turmeric and Honey to even out and brighten your beautiful skin. With regular use, our blemish...
Smooth Like Butter Eliminator Oil
Relieve Dry Skin & Eliminate Ingrown Hairs Our Eliminator Oil IS what your body care routine has been missing to minimize ingrown hairs after you wax or shave! Formulated with Aloe and Rosehip Oil to take both a proactive and reactive approach...
Rich Melanin Body Butter
Hydrate, Moisturize, & Even Out Skin Tone Restoring moisture after you bathe is essential, so we created a multipurpose moisturizer! In addition to hydrating your skin our body butter doubles as a hyperpigmentation cream for dark skin. It’s infused with...


- “I saw instant results after using the Show Stopper Shower Gel! It lightened my dark spots and gave me an instant glow. This is a must have!”
- “It fixed all my skin care insecurities, even my attitude lol. My stretchmarks after breastfeeding are fading as well!”
-“I need the Ingrown Oil again! I’ll definitely be purchasing more!”
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