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Beneficial 92 Body Bar
Hey, Sug can you say, Sea Moss? Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals the human body needs, and supports a healthy immune system! One of the best ingredients to include in your skincare routine!  Benefits: It naturally draws moisture...
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Certified Suga Mama
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Certified Suga Mama
Our Top Tier line was created for the skincare needs of women with melanated skin. Use our 5-step product line as a proactive or reactive approach to dry skin, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. The Top Tier bundle includes:  8 oz Show...
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Clear Skin Shopping Guide
Happy gut = Happy skin! What you eat shows, not only on your gut but on your skin, too.  Eating the right foods and getting enough hydration is the best thing you can do for naturally blemish-free skin. So, let’s...
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Come Correct Bundle
Our Come Correct Bundle was created for the skincare needs of women with melanated skin. Use our 3-step product line as a proactive or reactive approach to dry skin, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.  1. Start with the Show Stopper Shower Gel to lift...
EVEN Body Bar
& then there was Turmeric! A natural way of treating several skin problems and getting flawless, glowing skin. Turmeric can help lighten hyperpigmentation & diminish dark circles for a more even-toned, brighter complexion! Benefits:  Helps to lighten stretch marks, even skin...
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Flawless Finish Moisturizer Mist
Hydrate Skin & Soothe Razor Bumps We turned to nature to formulate a powerful post-shave astringent to minimize post-shave irritation and razor bumps. Flawless Finish Relief can also be applied to any red or irritated areas. The Aloe and Chamomile...
From Covered Up to CONFIDENT Ebook!
Are you struggling with dark spots, acne blemishes, and uneven skin tone? Grab our freebie for 5 hidden ways to diminish the appearance of dark spots!  Uncover:  -What's hiding your GLOW?  -What is hyperpigmentation? -MY 5 Skincare Tips to the...
How FOOD & SELFCARE Can Make OR Break the Blemish-Free Skin You WANT!
My mission is to serve and help as many women as I can, get back to themselves! That’s right! I noticed you, yes YOU! Not feeling yourself, covering up in baggy clothes and turtlenecks (I love a good turtleneck too!)...
Natural Exfoliating Soap Bag
 2 for 1 special here(benefits that is)! Not only an excellent exfoliator, gently sloughing away dry and rough skin while improving circulation but helps save the smaller pieces of your favorite soap until it's all done! Change every few weeks as...
Nourishment Body Bar
Can I get some milk & honey? Goat's milk helps to dissolve damaged and old dead skin cells so that the fresh new ones can come through, sure to keep your skin soft, glowy, and vibrant. While honey keeps skin moisturized and soothes...
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Queen Suga Body Scrub
Soft, Smooth, & Clear Skin Every Queen needs to exfoliate her skin, but this scrub does more! It is formulated with Turmeric and Jojoba to gradually fade dark spots, slough away dead skin, and eliminate ingrown hairs. Rejuvenate your skin...
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Papaya fruit extract makes an effective, non-abrasive exfoliant. An enzyme in the fruit, papain, helps to remove impurities and slough away dead skin cells that can clog pores. Benefits:  Perfect treatment of cuts, rashes, stings, and burns. Lather up and release your...
Rich Melanin Body Butter
Hydrate, Moisturize, & Even Out Skin Tone Restoring moisture after you bathe is essential, so we created a multipurpose moisturizer! In addition to hydrating your skin our body butter doubles as a hyperpigmentation cream for dark skin. It’s infused with...
Show Stopper Shower Gel
Clean, Clear, & Glowing Skin! Say goodbye to blemishes, skin discoloration, and hyperpigmentation with our natural body wash. Our signature formula is infused with Turmeric and Honey to even out and brighten your beautiful skin. With regular use, our blemish...
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Smooth Like Butter Eliminator Oil
Relieve Dry Skin & Soothe Ingrown Hairs Smoot Like Butter Eliminator Oil is how to minimize ingrown hairs after you wax or shave! Formulated with Aloe and Rosehip Oil to take both a proactive and reactive approach to ingrown hairs....
STEP BY STEP GUIDE to banish body blemishes, fade dark spots, and eliminate skin discoloration!
Listen, I get it. Working hard to banish body blemishes, fade dark spots, and eliminate skin discoloration can seem like a neverending task. I felt like that, too, for the longest time. However, with the right routine, products, and determination,...
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VITAL Body Bar
The powerhouse is known as Baobab! The baobab tree can be considered a symbol of power, longevity, and strength. Known for its regenerative abilities. It is excellent for softening skin and helping heal imperfections due to its antioxidants. Benefits: This soap may help with skin infections, fungus, bacteria,...
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